We identify stocks at inflection points.

Dollar A Day Trade Club


We’ve transformed over 100 years of institutional investment experience into a proprietary system that adds value for all types of traders.

Dollar A Day Trade Club

Proprietary Algorithm

The secret is starting with the right stocks.  Like having someone tell you which pond to fish in, finding stocks at inflection points gives you a head start over the competition.

Dollar A Day Trade Club

Differentiated Results

Our process can be applied to any investment style, process, or asset class.  From short-term swing trades to long-term fundamental investments, from ETFs to individual stocks, US or foreign stocks, long or short, it’s up to you how to best use the information. 

Trade like the professionals today

We combine our unique quantitative, technical, and fundamental tools to uncover stocks at inflection points – both positive and negative – giving you the power to improve your personal trading system.


Each of our reports gives you just that: 2 stocks we believe are ready to break out or break down.

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  • As our name implies, it’s only a dollar a day.  But even better, as new subscribers, we’ll make it just $20 per month. And you can cancel at any time.

  • No.  This is not a model portfolio, nor is it a trade diary.  We will not give you trading alerts, entry & exit points, or performance tracking. Our goal is to simply improve what you’re already doing. 

  • No problem! Finding stocks at inflection points is just as helpful for long-term investors as it is for day traders, and everyone in between.

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  • The principals at Dollar a Day Trade Club collectively boast over a century of experience in the institutional equity research and macro strategy business and believe that those insights can provide substantial competitive advantages to investors of all shapes and sizes.  We have assembled a team of elite Wall Street veterans with impeccable personal, professional, and academic credentials, who have honed their skills over decades at some of Wall Street’s finest firms — including Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Neuberger Berman.  Our partners consist of: Jim Furey, CFO; Jeff Burton; Chris Gaito; John Galvin, CFO; and Adi Karande, CFA


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Dollar A Day Trade Club

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